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Welcome To the Official Acoustic Alchemy Store

Due to Popular demand we have our very own tee shirts! Printed on demand in the USA and UK, if you want the ultimate fan swag to support us in this crazy year of no touring, grab it now! 
We also have our Live from Lockdown video package (see the trailer below!) and the full Daryl's House concert as an audio album to buy! You can buy the individual tracks for $1 each or the whole album for $9.99 which contains all the edited tracks so you can add them to your playlists but also the entire gig as one long track including all the between song chats for you to get the full concert experience! Plus there's the Live from Lockdown EP which contains all the tracks recorded at the bands homes and a bonus feature live song. We hope you enjoy them and look forward to seeing you back on the road once as soon as we can!






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This will be the first year in many, many years that we will not be touring. It feels very strange.  Who knows when things will be back to normal for the live music scene, but whenever it is it can’t come too soon for us. Playing our music live and having that connection with our fans is what motivates us as musicians to keep making music.


For us touring isn’t just a financial necessity, it’s part of who we are and what we do. So despite the virus and the closure of the venues all over the world we wanted to do something special for all those people who would have bought tickets, lined up outside the venue and come in to see the show and shared some good times with us, so we have put together a really special collection of live videos.


There are over 3 hours of videos in the collection "Live From Lockdown" - featuring a full length concert with newly remastered HD audio, a selection of special “lockdown” songs recorded by the band in their houses around the world, new interviews, bonus live videos and never before seen photo montages from the band’s personal collection of “life on the road” shots backed by some equally rare live archive recordings, hopefully this is the next best thing for us to keep you entertained until we can all see each other again somewhere down the road!

We have priced the package so it’s hopefully affordable to anyone who would normally buy a ticket to see us, but we also appreciate that the Corona crisis has impacted many people financially and so we will also be releasing a few videos on our YouTube channel (see link below) that are completely free of charge so you don’t miss out if you are struggling.

We really hope you can enjoy this "virtual gig" until we next see you at a real one!


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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